Sunday, January 5, 2014


Traditions....what kind of traditions do you find in your family.  Most family traditions center around holidays.  When the kids were small our youngest daughter Beka made place cards for everyone on Thanksgiving.  She did it right up until she left home.  Now Liz's daughter Sydney keeps up the tradition.  Our second Christmas I challenged all our guests (My parents and brothers) to bring a hand made ornament for our tree.  Mr. Scottie Dog made an 8" tall cross of stained glass. Every year since (41 years ago) I've made him put it on the tree near the top with a light just behind it.  Another family tradition was to go out for ice cream on the last day of school.  

But I am certain that many, many family traditions revolve around food. Black-eyed peas and greens for New Years (not one of my family traditions), ham or lamb on Easter, watermelon and corn on the cob for 4th of July, turkey on Thanksgiving, etc.  When I was growing up every Thanksgiving my mom began to make persimmon puddings.  She made a lot of them.  I imagine she must have had friends who gave her the persimmons...I don't remember seeing them in the stores when I was young.  She'd make one or two a day until Christmas, put them in the freezer and then she'd give them away.  If I couldn't make it home for Christmas after I got married, there was always one in the freezer the next time we got to Southern California.  Perhaps the reason I like them cold is because we couldn't wait until they had totally defrosted!

Persimmon Puddings are baked in a Pudding Pan.
Here's the recipe as I got it from my mom, Marcella Mae McNally:

Persimmon Pudding                    Preheat oven to 375 F

1 C sugar                   1 T melted butter
1 C flour                    1/2 C milk
1 t baking soda          1 t vanilla
1/2 t nutmeg             1/2 C raisins 
1/2 t ginger               1/2 C chopped nuts
1/2 t cinnamon          1 C persimmon pulp, sieved (3 or 4 large persimmons)

Mix dry ingredients, pour milk, butter and vanilla into well in center of dry ingredients.
Stir well.  Add nuts, raisins and pulp.  Mix well and pour into well-greased pudding pan. Securely close lid and set in pan of hot water in oven.  Bake 1 1/2 hours.  Run knife around pan and turn pudding onto rack to cool.

May be served warm or cold, with or without hard sauce.  You can drench it in brandy and flame if you wish.  I like to slice thin and eat at room temp.  My mother liked to spread cream cheese.

I have wondered if you could substitute pumpkin or banana, etc for the persimmons...but I've never tried it.

After I had been married a few years my mom gifted me with my own pudding pan.  I haven't made any for several years and this year put out a plea on FB for local friends with persimmons....Thanks to Rob and Crystal and to Laura and Kevin (who delivered them all the way from Santa Rosa!) who gave me bags of fruit.  It was one of my favorite things to do this Christmas.

Monday, September 30, 2013

I'll miss you Judy!

Today has been a long day.  I had to say goodbye to my dear, dear friend, Judith Ann Palmer.  I can hear her bubbly laughter, see her plug her ears and sing "Lalalala" if someone was trying to gossip.  I can hear her say, "Dahling, You looook maaah-veee-lous!" Judy wore shorts as often as possible and drove a convertible with her trusty Charlie Dog sitting beside her.
Friday I got to spend the entire day with her, sewing, laughing and admiring her new jewels....she'd discovered Brighton jewelry. Saturday I saw her for a few minutes and this morning she never woke up.  I am devastated!  Judy's dear husband has been ill and in and our of the hospital of late and she had just picked him up from his latest hospital stay last night.  When we heard the sirens we thought they had come for Warren.  Mr. Scottie Dog, Liz and I spent most of the day doing what little we could for the family and Bill is spending the night with Warren.  Her daughter Bonnie will arrive from Hawaii on Tuesday and we'll know the details of the memorial service then.

Judy loved life.  She loved Sydney as her own "Precious" and Syd adored her "Doo-Dee" as she called her years updated to Jude-Dude.  She never said an unkind word about anybody, she loved dogs (especially her Charlie Dog).....when she worked at the store, she knew each customer by their dog's name! She adored the ocean, Alaska and never met a Batik fabric she didn't love.  Her sewing machines were encrusted with Bling...crystals and stickers and sparkle. 
Judy loved tea parties and we attended several.  Here we are all dressed up with our gloves and pearls at the Eureka Inn a couple of years ago.  She collected Tea Cup fabrics for a few years in order to make a quilt....she had so much fabric she made several full sized quilts, wall hangings, table runners and more.  Just this past Spring she sewed a bunch of table runners and helped hold a Tea Party for the women at the Rescue Mission and then served them tea.

She had a huge heart and loved doing for others.  We had so much fun together.  Judy I miss you so much already.  What am I going to do without you?  You promised to come visit me in Minnesota!!!!  My heart is aching.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Since we last met......................

Since I last blogged many things have happened.

My cousin Glenn and his lovely wife Rosalyn visited here in Eureka.  Glenn's mom, Hazel was my mom's sister.  We were raised in So. CA and most of our Christmas, New Year's and Easters were spent together.
 Glenn, Rosalyn, me, Mr. Scottie Dog and Liz (guess what?  8 year old Sydney took this photo!).
 Liz celebrated her birthday...don't ask me how old she is...I keep goofing and she delights in it!  On her birthday I took her 3 GIANT donuts from a local bakery.  Can't begin to tell you how many people they fed!

A day later we took the trailer up to Gold Beach, OR for a few days.  Liz and Steve stayed in the hotel and we parked in the adjacent RV Park....great view of the ocean.  We had bonfires on the beach, marshmallows and a huge sandcastle building event.
This lighthouse was right at the trail to the beach.  You could climb the circular stairs to the viewing porch on top.  Bill took a bit of the romance out when he informed me that this was the sewage lift station for the RV Park....the pump to move the sewage up to the street and sewer system is housed in the lower part of the lighthouse.  I'm just happy it doesn't look like a huge pump!


For breakfast one morning Liz made us bacon pancakes.  They were good, but personally I think I like my bacon and pancakes separate.

I've been in a canning mode for the past couple of weekends.  Mr. Scottie Dog has been bringing me 5 gallon buckets full of pears...not one, not two, but four buckets one weekend and two the next.  I've made pear jam, spiced pear jam, pear tarts, pear butter and more.  This weekend I needed something different.  I saw a recipe for Pear Chutney.  I don't think I've ever had chutney but you certainly hear about it often.  I knew I liked everything in the Pear Chutney.  One blogger said she liked to put it on cream cheese spread on crackers.  That sounded pretty good!  Emeril said it was good on chicken or pork.  So I decided to can up a batch of Pear Chutney.  I gathered up my ingredients: apple cider vinegar, mustard seed, pears, onions, crystallized ginger, the zest of two oranges and one lemon, golden raisins, crazins, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, apples....oh so much goodness.  I made so much I had to process the canner twice.

Sunday night I opened a jar and had it with a perfectly grilled pork chop (Mr. Scottie Dog is a master griller!).  YUM, double yum!  I ate a couple of spoon fulls right out of the jar!  I'm going to a fun sewing day on Friday and I'm taking a jar of Pear Chutney, cream cheese and crackers.  I might share.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A new member of our family!!!!!

I've been silent for awhile....I was in Minnesota to welcome our newest grandchild, Korban Jason Hache!  He made his way into this world quickly (although he was 1 1/2 weeks late) on August 8, weighing 10 lbs. even and 22" long.  Here I am with Korban and his big brother, Jakob at two days old.

Again, I was so privileged to be there when Korban was born.  Beka was Wonder Woman!

We had so much fun while I was there...4 weeks of just playing, barbeques, long walks around the lake and to the park.  We went to Cleary Lake when Korban was only 5 days old....he REALLY liked it....You can see by this picture that Anastacia was more excited than he was.

 We went to the Scott County Fair! We watched the magician, ate fair food, the kids won some ribbons and rode some rides.  Here's Shiloh on the Carousel.

A trip to the Minnesota Zoo is always fun.  We were able to go on the Dinosaur Trail...I think it's now closed.  We saw about 15 different animatronic Dinos, some with sound and lots of mist swirling around.  I had to laugh as we entered the trail and they were playing the music from Jurassic Park over hidden speakers.
Here's Shiloh, Jakob and Mercedes being totally Photo Bombed by two critters.  Why are these kids wearing bathing suits?  There is a fun Splash Pad in the center of the zoo and running to and fro among the fountains is fun and refreshing on a hot day.  It was quite warm and midway through the Dinosaur Trail were some shower/misters.  Off came the clothes to run around in the mist.
 They had a place where you could feed the giraffes!  Look close for that PURPLE tongue...about 15" Anastacia offers up a "giraffe chow" cracker (totally looked like Rye Krisp to me!).

 At the "Barnyard" I found some nice looking chickens!

I spotted a  bunch of wild coyotes as we left.

 The church had two after service Barbeques while I was there.  Anastacia ate all her watermelon and smeared her face with catsup....probably getting ready for her hot dog.

 Mercedes, on the other hand, proves that one can be glamorous whilst picnicking.

Shiloh just looks cute most of the time.
One of the fun things we got to do on Saturdays was go to soccer games.  Sades and Jakob were on different teams and both came home with medals.  Sades  wore hers to Church the next day.
 This picture is from after I left, but Beka took the entire crew back to the zoo.  Korban's first visit to the zoo the other day at 3 weeks old.

I'm back home now in Eureka.  Busy, busy busy.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quilt Camp 2013

We wrapped up Quilt Camp 2013 this afternoon.  It's always fun....a marathon of sewing, laughing, giggling (sometimes singing is involved), new friends and old friends (but none of us admit to being old, you understand!), good food and so very much more!
We started out on Friday at 3 pm with a nice "S'mores" kit at each place...these are the microwave kind because we didn't have an open fire.  

Dawn and TJ got right to work!  We had a project called "Pandora" but several people were working on finishing up other projects..... 

Donna was working on her stunning version of "Origami Stars."

Not sure how to turn this photo....It WAS correct until Blogger got a hold of it.  If anyone knows how to turn photos in blogger, I'd love to know.  There were many good natured groans when Linda showed her finished Camp Project..."Pandora."  How could she finish up so quickly they wanted to know?  I just say, "Lovely!"

I got a kick out of seeing all the different pincushions...this was a colorful felt cutie!
 Look at this Alaskan hunter pincushion.  That's real fur!
Someone brought this bread...have you ever had any?  CHOCOLATE bread!  Yum. It was from the Lolita Bakery.

I worked on several projects and here's one, a raggy Flag.  Just in time for 4th of July!

So many things I didn't get photos of: The yummy Pot Luck on Friday night, Sydney playing on her IPad and giving us all "cool" names (  Judy got to be, I'm The GRAANNND Canyon...since I'm Grandma.  I don't know if I'm insulted or impressed?!?), walking to Rita's Taqueria and having dinner on Saturday night (I had the Shrimp Burrito).  So much fun!!! Wish you had come too.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There's a baby coming!

In five or six weeks we're going to have a new grandson.  I've been working on a quilt for this new Prince but it's not ready to be shown yet.  This week I've been working on burp cloths.  Every baby needs burp, well, to burp on.  And to wipe up urp from the couch, from Mom's shoulder, the floor or table.  They are useful to keep baby's chest a little warmer when a cool breeze comes up and to keep the sun from the little one's head.  They can double up as a diaper in a pinch or a blankie if needed. Way too many uses to write here.  I've actually made six of them for this little guy.  His older siblings all had burp clothes from Grammy and a few of them will still be floating around but every baby needs new ones too.  They are made of flannel and a few of them are good 'ole Sock Monkey.  The red is redder in real life than this photo shows and the orange is richer too.  Thought you'd like to see them.

Baby is coming in five or six weeks, Grammy will be there in four weeks.....can't wait to welcome a new member of our family.